Betsy Valentin - Class of 2011
Posted on 02/20/2024
Betsy Valentin

Betsy joined Team Synergy in 2009 having lost interest in education and motivation at the larger, comprehensive high school. Betsy was faced with a very difficult decision: either enroll at Synergy or risk being retained an additional year. Ultimately, she made the choice to attend Synergy where she sought a change.

Throughout her time at Synergy, she was not only a student but was a member of the Adventure Leaders Club where she visited elementary schools within the East Hartford community and hosted challenge activities for students. As a member of the club, she also provided tutoring support to so that they may find increased success in the classroom. Betsy credited the Adventure Leaders club for not only helping her reinvest in her education as well as those in the EH community, but also helped her develop skills required of future employees. Betsy assisted in coordinating field trips of interest to Synergy students such as the bowling alley and cross-country skiing.

That was only the tip of the iceberg of Betsy’s career readiness. During her time at Synergy, Betsy fondly remembered the preparation she and all Synergy students received towards the world of work. Time management and commitment were highly prioritized as students were responsible for “punching in and out” to school. Betsy also worked shoulder to shoulder with our cafeteria worker, Anna Hailey where she developed her customer service skills and gained insight as to how it felt “on the other side”. 

“Never give up. Even if you struggle, even if it’s tough, even if you fail, you can do it. If you are not able to do it at the moment, you WILL be able to.” Betsy learned the power of perseverance at Synergy. She credits the challenge activities presented to her by former Phys. Ed./ Health teacher David Bocchichio. Betsy has carried that lesson into all facets of her life and encourages all Synergy students to persist.   

As a parting message, Betsy left us with the following: “Continue to strive. You are in the right school. This opportunity is life changing and it can not only change you but those around you. The skills you learn here at Synergy will be used in the real world: developing your social skills, challenging yourselves, showing commitment. You’ve made the right choice. You’ve got this!”