Kaiyahlis Cruz - Class of 2009
Posted on 01/08/2024
This is the image for the news article titled Kaiyahlis Cruz - Class of 2009Impactful, resourceful, and unity were the words that Kaiyahlis Cruz’s or “KC’s” used when reflecting upon his time at Synergy.  KC joined the Synergy family in 2005 after experiencing a difficult start at East Hartford High School where the thought of making it to the graduation stage seemed impossible. During his time at Synergy, he learned the importance of honesty. Honesty with himself where he could recognize the behaviors and emotions impacting his ability to focus or nurture his potential. The journey towards personal growth began the day he made the difficult decision to transition to Synergy and now views that time as a turning point in his life; a decision he is glad to have made. “I can guarantee that when you start coming to Synergy, you will start to have a different outlook in life.”

KC graduated from Synergy in 2005 with High Honors; a moment he remembers fondly. He credited staff and the use of resources for his success. “It wasn’t until I started trusting in staff and stopped thinking that everyone was against me when things started to change for the better”.  He noted that, despite his initial lack of engagement or desire to graduate, staff were supportive and never relented. KC eventually participated in programs such as Synergy’s Leadership Council as well as participated in field trips that helped him further bond with the Synergy community. He encouraged all Synergy students to utilize the people and resources around them as it was a strategy that supported his success.

Since graduating, KC has carried on the Synergy tradition and has worked supporting young people helping them further tap into their potential. KC recognizes the need for positive adult influence in hopes of getting students to believe in themselves and seek success. He currently works as a Youth Development Specialist in Manchester and hopes to return to the community that helped him set on the correct path.

At the conclusion of the interview, KC left us with a wonderful parting quote: “When I think of Synergy and what they do to get students to graduate and succeed in this world, I think of a tunnel where there is always light. Synergy and their path to support your success is never dark.”