Heidi Hull - Former Science Teacher
Posted on 01/12/2024
Heidi Hull

Caring, supportive, and amazing are the three words used by Ms. Hull when reflecting on her time at Synergy. Heidi Hull joined team Synergy in 2014 where she taught General Science having transitioned into education from the medical field. Throughout her tenure as the Synergy science teacher, she engaged students by integrating creative lessons using amazing projects such as bottle rockets, 3D printing, and engineering challenges. Ms. Hull went above and beyond for her students applying for grant funding in order to bring additional resources and equipment to Synergy students.

Ms. Hull looks back fondly on her time at Synergy. From schoolwide picnics to Thanksgiving feasts, Synergy prioritized building strong relationships between staff and students ultimately building “family types of moments”. She now uses that same approach supporting students at East Hartford Middle School where she encourages education as a collaborative process between student and teacher. “I learned how powerful it is to listen to students and get their feedback.”

Ms. Hull urged current and future Synergy students to, “Always dream. Use that grit and determination that it took to get to this point to keep moving you forward.”